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Vanco Outdoor Equipment offers a full line of Mahindra Tractors at our Henderson, NC showroom.  What makes Mahindra Tractors better than other tractors? Simple, they were designed for FARM-GRADE work and are built with heavy-duty components and materials to keep them working hard, day after day, year after year.

7 year warranty on select models

Choose Your Mahindra Tractor Series

While we are happy to sell you a bright and shiny new tractor, feel free to contact to inquire if we have any used tractors in stock. We do from time to time, so you never know.

eMax Series

The Tier IV emissions-compliant eMax sub-compact tractors continue the Mahindra Max family tradition of providing superior performance with the industry’s best value and the peace of mind of a standard 5-year warranty. Available in three configurations – eMax 22 Gear, eMax 22 HST and eMax 25 HST

Mahindra eMax Tractor
Mahindra Max Tractor

Max Series

Revolutionary, value-packed sub-compact tractor with a full-length frame that will allow users to install a backhoe at any time. Maximum versatility with a drive over mower, mower deck, snow blower, blade, broom and more!

1500 Series

Another new addition to the Mahindra Tier IV lineup – the new 1500 series offers several models that are high performance 4wd compact tractor with new higher 3 point and loader lift capacity.

Mahindra 1500 Tractor
Mahindra 2500 Tractor

2500 Series

Economical and Easy to operate – The latest addition to the Mahindra Tier IV portfolio, the 2500 series is designed for general purpose farming and ag, livestock operations and grounds maintenance.

3500 Series

The Mahindra 35 series and 3500 Series (Tier 4) premium tractors are super-powered 4WD compact workhorses designed for medium- to heavy-duty applications. With professional grade models from 35 to 50 HP and with a wide range of choices – heavy-duty loaders, heavy duty backhoes, Ag/Industrial/ Turf tires, Shuttle, PST and HST transmissions and a wide range of available implements – there is a model to meet your needs.  The Tier 4 engines feature Mahindra’s new mCRD technology that reduces gas emissions without using a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) which means less heat and less worry for operators.

Mahindra 3500 Tractor
Mahindra 4500 Tractor

4500 Series

The all new 4500 series features 2WD and 4WD modesl for a superior performing tractor at a great value. Loaded with a variety of standard features, the 4500 series is an economical, rugged, compact utility tractor that offers versatility and ergonomic comfort. Plus, owners now have the added benefit of Mahindra’s mCRD Tier 4 engine technology.

5500 Series

The Mahindra 5500 series tractors are rugged and powerful utility tractors designed for medium- to heavy-duty applications. With professional-grade models from 43 to 70 HP with shuttle transmissions and with a wide range of choices –2WD and 4WD, heavy-duty loaders, heavy-duty backhoes, Ag/Industrial tires and a wide range of available implements – there is a model to meet your needs.

Mahindra 5500 Tractor
Mahindra mPower Tractor

mPower Series

Introducing a new standard of high horsepower tractors with Mahindra Common Rail Diesel (mCRD) Fuel Injection Engines. Available in open- station and Cab models. mCRD is more fuel efficient and meets emission standards at a lower cost, keeping more money in your pocket. Mahindra mPOWER with mCRD technology is your answer for innovative, eco-friendly and fuel efficient high performance.

mFORCE Series

Introducing a new standard of high horsepower tractors. The Mahindra mFORCE is a powerful and heavy-duty full-size utility tractor. With professional- grade 105 HP models, a wide range of available implements and a 5-Year Powertrain Warranty – there is a model to meet your needs.

Mahindra mForce Tractor

Mahindra Loaner Program

Mahindra loaner program logoWhen your Mahindra Tractor is in the shop for service, work deadlines don’t just wait. That’s why we offer the loaner program to all our Mahindra Tractor Customers. It’s part of our ongoing commitment to making your Mahindra ownership experience top notch! Contact us for more details. We are here when you need us!

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