Geoff Fowler of has released 2 parts of his expect 3 part series review of the Mahindra 1538 TLB tractor and so far, the news is good, very good. His posts dated September 1 and October 28, 2016 reveal his experience over 2 months. The third installment should arrive in another month or so.  Here’s what Geoff has shared so far.

1st Review Installment

On receiving his Mahindra 1538 Geoff remarked:

The combination of a near 40 horsepower tractor, loader with a 57” bucket and backhoe with a 14” bucket, on paper, seemed ready-made for getting out and getting some hefty work done. first tested a 1538 in May of 2015 and came away impressed. That tractor was equipped with the same 1538L loader, but with a 60” bucket, which seemed perfectly matched to the tractor’s capabilities.

On Mahindra’s mCRD technology he said:

The upshot of the environment-protecting technology is an impressive 81.8 lb-ft of torque while running at quieter sound levels.

He also added:

Likes were numerous and include the quiet EPA FT4 powerplant, hydrostatic transmission, integration of joystick and hand throttle into the right fender console, twin cupholders, dashboard cellphone slot, rubber isolated platform floor, tilt wheel and package stability (big tractor feel).

He concluded his initial post by saying:

So far we give the experience a thumbs up.

Read the full article here

2nd Review Installment

For his second installment, Geoff details how his Mahindra performed while grading, removing stumps and moving boulders. He provides in-depth thoughts and the article is worth reading in full. A few quotes include:

Little features that became more and more appreciated as we spent time with the Mahindra 1538 were the tilt wheel, ample cupholders and storage trays, joystick incorporation into the fender cowl, throttle lever location and digital dash. Control location for the levers and pedals gets a definite “ergonomic” rating, with actuation and adjustments quickly becoming eyes on not required.


If you’re getting the idea that we’re enjoying our time with the 1538, we’re glad that message is getting across; this is one quite nice package that comfortably gets the job done. For anyone in the market for a 38hp tractor, the Mahindra 1538 would be a worthy addition to their list of tractors to check out.

Read the full review here.

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